How We Work

How we work

We offer the complete service from finding you tenants, taking care of the paperwork, all the way through to looking after day to day maintenance.  Our service was set up as an alternative for landlords who don’t want overpriced estate agent fees. We are quick to respond to any issues that arise. See a list of all the services we offer below.

How does this help you?

A traditional estate agent who manages a rental property maintenance receives a call from a tenant regarding an issue.

They then call out one of the subcontractors they work with and then send you on an overpriced invoice in addition to your monthly estate agents management fee.

Why are we different?

Having developed property for the past 13 years, there are very few rental and maintenance issues that I have not come across, and been able to solve quickly and safely. No more receiving subcontractors invoices for unblocking kitchen sinks, or when the boiler breaks down.

We are able to fix most issues without the need of calling out other professions. In the rare case we do need help, we have good, honest contacts in every trade. We treat your property as if it were our own!

Services offered

  • Full property management

  • Deposit Protection

  • Tenant finding service

  • AirBNB management

  • Property Maintenance

  • Overseas landlord management

  • Reference checking

  • Property Renovation

  • Gas and electrical safety certificates

  • New tenancy agreementst

  • Property finding service

  • ‘Check in’ and ‘check out’ service